Nicky's rollz motion

Nicky is a young father of four sons and a plus daughter.
Three years ago, he was struck by the disease “polyneuropathy”. This disease affects the nerves, which gives a changed feeling. It starts with a numb and tingling feeling. It's no longer possible to correctly estimate the force required for an action. At a later stage, this evolves into pain, cramps, balance disorders and muscle weakness.

In addition, Nicky is recently diagnosed with an acquired brain injury due to an incident of senseless violence in his youth. The injury obviously worsens the conduction of stimuli from his brain to the rest of his body. He has already undergone a whole range of therapies for this.

He also had to make several necessary adjustments to his home. Among other things, he has renovated his bathroom, so he is not constantly dependent on the help of his family.

But what strikes Nicky most is that he has always loved to be active with his family. The current phase of his illness prevents him from doing so. That is why we,  Lawful Wolves LEMC, would like to help him with this and we came up with a fund raising to get Nicky a Rollz Motion.


Friday  May 12th 2023 we gave Nicky a brand new Rolls Motion at one of our club nights. As the pictures show, Nicky and his partner were very emotional but also very happy with this beautiful gift.


Lawful Wolves LEMC would like to thank everybody who bought our candy and Belgian waffles during our Roedelrun 2023 and the period following. And last, but surely not least, we would like to say a big "thank you" to Rollz, based in Delft - the Netherlands, for their cooperation so that we were able to donate this Rollz Motion to Nicky!