About Us


We are Lawful Wolves LE MC

Our colors are black, white and blue to represent the thin blue line of law enforcement.
The name is Lawful Wolves. Lawful is obvious because we are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that work in- or support law enforcement.
The reason we chose the wolf is because as a  wolves pack we stick together. Loyalty, looking after each other and having your brother's or sisters' back. We look after our children, take care of our sick and be there for one another in the good but also the bad days. Brotherhood is something we take pride of.
The 2020 resembles the year the club was founded.
The blue and grey line represents the branches of law- enforcement that the founding members work in. Corrections, customs and police.


Our front patches consists of:
- The Belgian flag.
- Road name.
- The “Alpha” symbol and chapter because we are the founding chapter.
- Club name.
- And the prospect patch that afterwards will be replaced by a member patch or, when elected, an officer's patch.


Lawful Wolves is a club made out of both male as female full patch members that love to ride, party and just spend time together. Our club consists out of law enforcement officers, their family and a few loyal supporters.
We do not, nor ever will we claim any ground nor territory. The location on the patch stands for the country or region the club or chapter is based.
We will treat everyone with the same respect that is given to us. We interact with everyone the way that we would like you to interact with us.
We do not, nor ever will we affiliate with any OMG or 1% club. We are 99% all the way.
We are a democratic club. Every member has a say in how the club is run. We have a democratic elected board but every big issue will pass the members first before a decision is made.

We do not care about numbers. Quality always comes before quantity. If it is not a good match you will not get the patch.
We are all about  creating and maintaning friendships with other clubs, national or international.
We ride everywhere and respect everyone´s opinion, religion, color, gender, etc.


We are committed to...

- Brotherhood/sisterhood
- Riding together
- Fraternization with the LE community



We want to leave you with this quote:

" When In Doubt Throttle It Out, It May Not Improve The Situation But It Will End The Suspence"

Lawful Wolves LE MC